Backpack vs. Luggage: what is better?

There are so many ways to travel these days and you have to follow luggage instructions for each different airline company or bus luggage limit. Wouldn’t it be easier to just pack a backpack every time? There are some pros and cons to this and I will share my experience with you. 

I personally prefer suitcases since I think it is much roomier and easier to pack more than it would originally hold. I am an expert at packing it in! However, you need to make sure your suitcase is not too big for cabin luggage or else you will need to check it in and that will cost so much more extra and extra inconvenience to pick it up. To be honest, you do need to make sure you have a small enough backpack to bring into the cabin but I have noticed that it is usually not as big of a deal and the plane attendants don’t bother with it as much. 

 tourist with luggage on a white background

Going back to my comment about space I believe that suitcases are much better for it. They have a hard-formed shape so you just need to fill it up with all your items. Backpacks, on the other hand are soft and sometimes shaped not very efficiently for packing. Every time I packed a backpack for traveling I always needed more room that it offered. I think bags are also not as big as suitcases unless you are using the big hiking rucksacks.  

In terms of small items, it is much better to use a bag since it has more pockets and compartments to carry small jewelry and other small items. While it might be a little more difficult to pack small items. It is possible to get a small box to put them all in there. 

Here is my take on travel bag, I hope you find the best fit for yourself using the information I have provided.